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Innovatie - Puur Natuur: 100% Biobased (BB100)

Huisman is project partner of BB100

The main goal of the BB100 project is the development of a process chain towards fully bio-based man-made fibre materials. This does not only include the mere processing of biopolymers, but also commonly used additive materials like plasticizers, flame retardants, colorants and nucleation agents. Fully bio-based yarns and textile demonstrators will be developed.

Final event project Puur Natuur: 100% Biobased (BB100) will take place 24 March 2022.


Both Flanders and the South of Netherlands traditionally have a large number of companies that are active in the plastics processing industry, particularly in the field of textiles: Both regions hold extensive expertise in the development and production of carpet and clothing. By 2030, the textile sector aims to use between 20% to 50% biobased materials in its products. In order to realize this, it is necessary for the textile industry to obtain high-quality fibers and yarns based on 100% biobased materials.

Read more: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/pure-nature-100-biobased-bb100

The project “Puur natuur: 100% biobased” is financed within the Interreg V program Flanders-Netherlands, the cross-border cooperation program with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. 

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